Beyond the Mask — Minimizing Risk


Why is everyone not equally affected by illness?

In our prior article, we outlined Why Masks Work -- by reducing the dose of exposure to infectious particles. Thanks to the S-shaped "sigmoidal" shape of the dose-response curve, a face covering that blocks only half of infectious particles can still make a significant difference.

In our hypothetical example, reducing exposure from 60k particles down to 30k particles could reduce the risk of sickness from 80% to 5%.

Individual Risk: Susceptibility

However, this dose-response curve describes the likelihood of getting sick for a group of people. In other words, in a group of 100 people exposed to 60 viral particles, 80 will get sick, while in a group of 100 exposed to 30 particles, only 5 will.

This dose-response curve is a useful tool in describing the danger to a population.

What you and I really care about, though, is how likely we are to become sick as an individual. Remember, even in that group of people exposed to 60 infectious particles, 20 people still escaped becoming seriously ill. How do we maximize our chance of being in that group?

We now know that the risk of severe illness from coronavirus increases from a variety of factors. Certainly dose of exposure is important -- hence the importance of protective equipment for health care workers and face coverings. Age also plays a role, but age alone doesn't tell the entire story.

As shown by the CDC guidance in the following graphic, a variety of chronic diseases are an important risk factor.

The list is not surprising -- heart disease, obesity, diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, and having a compromised immune system.

What ties all of these conditions together?

In short, the key to preventing severe illness is a healthy, functioning immune system.

Secrets 2 Health

Prior to the coronavirus outbreak, the Easy Masks team from EHOP Health was dedicated to helping clients reverse chronic disease -- specifically metabolic disease and inflammatory conditions.

Beyond "disease management", the most powerful gift anyone can receive is the knowledge that most of these conditions that interfere with our well-being and increase the risk of serious disease in the current environment are, in fact, reversible.

Evidence of this fact is that we are not the problem -- the current chronic disease epidemic is a new phenomenon, and reflects the fact that our environment (specifically our food) has changed dramatically over the past fifty years.

The following chart shows the American BMI's dramatic rise since the historic 1980 Dietary Guidelines. We are simply surrounded by stuff that is incompatible with who we are as human beings.

Fixing the Root Cause

Reversing chronic disease comes down to addressing three pillars: Eat Well, Move Well and Live Well.

By making simple -- yet difficult -- changes in each of these three areas, it is possible to dramatically improve your daily quality of life. Importantly in the age of coronavirus, this improvement in overall health and immune system function also translates to a reduced risk of severe disease.

Evidence of this fact is in the hundreds of clients who have reversed pre-diabetes, Type II diabetes, inflammatory conditions, with effortless weight loss and reduction in symptoms like joint pain, headaches, digestive issues and skin conditions.

Eating Well

Perhaps the most immediate impact can occur through the Eat Well pillar. In our Secrets 2 Health presentation offered to corporate clients, we outline three Eat Well tips that can change your life, today.

First, Eat Real Food -- real food is easily identified by not having a label, because it doesn't need a label! Real food is recognized by your body as nutrition, and comes from animals and plants instead of industrial plants. Refined seed and vegetable oils are a great example of a chemical creation that is marketed as healthy, but is actually a recent addition to the food supply that has only been consumed by humans for less than the past 100 years.

Next, No Added Sugar -- refined sugar is likewise a relatively recent dietary addition relative to the human experience, and is consumed at levels never before seen in human history.


Finally, Eat Nothing White -- for people looking to reverse metabolic disease and inflammatory conditions, eliminating grains and refined carbohydrates is an effective strategy.

For a simple framework to guide you to success, check out Whole 30 -- the Whole 30 program is an excellent starting place for a way of eating that is therapeutic for the chronic diseases that affect two-thirds of all Americans.

Help for Your Journey

While Eating Well and Moving Well are incredibly important, the reality is that there are numerous forces in our lives that determine what shows up on our plates.

Often, it's less a matter of what we're eating, and more a matter of what's eating us!

That's why it can be helpful to work with a trained personal health coach, to help us get to the root of the decisions we're making, and successfully replace the habits that are hindering us with habits that will help us become healthier and live a life that feels great to be living.

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