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Face Masks Tips for Guys with Beards

Forming new habits is often difficult. We attempt to introduce new behaviors and sometimes we fail and then there are times we celebrate the habit of sticking and taking hold in our lives. During this time of COVID-19, many of us are forming new habits, including wearing face masks. Successfully adopting this habit was especially challenging for me as a full-bearded man.

Can you wear a face mask with a beard? Friends and family would joke that I did not need a mask, I already had one! Unfortunately, this is not the case. Droplets of the virus and germs travel through the air so I was left with the challenge of finding a beard friendly face mask. Ironically enough I was part of the Easy Masks team that designed and developed face masks early in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Based on my experience, when you put a face mask over your beard the mask clings to your facial hair. This presents a couple of problems. First, it is uncomfortable and gets hot very quickly. Second, the mask folds into your mouth when you try to talk.


Man wearing mask sticking in his mouth

As fellow bearded hipsters will attest to, the experience of wearing a mask for it only to bundle in your mouth is not a pleasant experience. This image captures the frustrations of wearing a mask that bundles in your mouth when you speak. I call this the dreaded "sock puppet" mask look.

How to Customize Your Mask For Beards

The advantage of the Easy Masks is that they come with an aluminum bridge that inserts into the mask for a custom fit around your nose. This certainly helps improve the comfortability and helps to hold the mask in place. However, I still felt the mask start to inch closer to my lips and mouth. One day I discovered the hack that changed my mask-wearing experience for the better. I decided to turn the mask upside down. That's right. Instead of the aluminum piece resting over my nose, I placed it over my chin to provide a snug fit over my chin. I found this to be just the position to allow room to not only breathe through the mask but also to talk without the material attaching to my mouth.


Man wearing blue face mask

You have worked hard for that beard. Do not let COVID-19 take away from your hard-earned beard! You can still enjoy the bearded life and all the responsibilities that come with it by placing a snug fit around your chin. Continue to wash the mask after each use and create a new habit of wearing a mask in style without the sock puppet look!


Justin Thomas
Co-Founder of Easy Masks

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