Which size should I choose?

The M/L size will fit most, and you can get a better estimate of your size by measuring from the bottom of one ear to the other, below the nose. If it is between 10-11 inches we recommend the M/L size. For larger, we recommend the XL. Please see sizing options on our product pages.

Are Easy Masks machine washable?

Yes, Easy Masks are machine washable in warm water. They are largely pre-shrunk, but may shrink in the dryer so we recommend air drying.

If hand washing, we recommend soaking in warm soapy water for at least 20 minutes.

When will I get my mask?

All products in stock on our Web site are available for immediate delivery. We try to ship all orders placed before 10am ET the same day, Monday through Friday. Standard shipping is UPS Ground, and you are welcome to upgrade to a faster shipment method if desired.

We understand that shipping costs are expensive. Due to operational challenges with the USPS, at the present time we have had to stop shipping via USPS and only use UPS at significantly greater expense for improved reliability. We are, however, able to offer free UPS Ground shipping for all orders over $50.

Other masks don't stay up on my face well. What's different about Easy Masks?

Easy Masks are manufactured with plenty of stretch in the trim and ear loops to fit snugly but comfortably around your face. They will not slip down or fall off, and you can stretch out the ear loops and trim to provide a fit that is secure but not too tight.

Are the ear loops adjustable?

Easy Masks ear loops are a combination of nylon and Spandex that stretches and also has a bit of memory. We recommend "relaxing" the ear loops if they are too tight on the back of your ears -- just place your fingers inside each ear loop, and gently spread out your fingers to stretch the loop to its maximum size. After you release, the loops will hold some of that stretch and be more relaxed.

You may have to repeat this process after washing, and eventually they should settle in to the right size for you.

I wear glasses, and other masks fog up. Will Easy Masks work for me?

We include one high-quality aluminum nose bridge -- also made in North Carolina -- with each Easy Mask to help seal the top edge to your nose and cheekbones and reduce fogging. It is a game-changer for people who wear glasses. For more information and installation instructions, see this video.

How do I install a nose bridge?

Check out our instructional page and video at easymasks.com/nose.

Where can I learn more about nonwoven filtration inserts?

Visit our article on Why Masks Work, and check out the instructional video at easymasks.com/insert.

Why are Easy Masks made of polyester and/or nylon?

When evaluating mask materials, we tested and tried everything -- cotton and other natural fibers, plus a variety of synthetics. Ultimately, we wanted Easy Masks to be comfortable to wear over a longer period of time. Cotton's biggest disadvantage is that it absorbs moisture. Moisture from your breath means that cotton masks turn into washcloths pretty quickly, which make them less comfortable for long-term wear.

While typical polyester does not filter as well as a comparable piece of cotton, Easy Masks' Apex masks are woven with a specific grade of polyester microfiber -- made from recycled plastic bottles -- where each strand of yarn is comprised of over 140 individual filaments. This "microdenier polyester" coupled with the specific weave used in the mask body has extremely high surface area for good filtration that is similar to cotton, while still maintaining comfort and breathability.

The Easy Masks Eden and High Point Designer masks use a similar recycled nylon yarn that feels cooler to the touch and is generally preferred in warmer environments.

Regardless of which Easy Masks model you choose, for improved filtration relative to a standard cotton mask, Easy Masks' most important benefit is its two-layer design that allows easy insertion of replaceable filtration inserts. You can purchase pre-cut nonwoven inserts specifically designed to filter 85% of all particles at 2 micrometers, and also can cut your own filtration inserts using our free template. Learn more about filtration in this article.

What are the differences between Easy Masks models?