Test Results

JAMA Internal Medicine Article Shares That Easy Masks Outperforms Others in Study

We're proud to share the results of the JAMA study, which concluded that Easy Masks' proprietary double-layer nylon masks tested far better than any other masks in the study, aside from the gold-standard N95. Easy Masks worn with the aluminum nose bridge plus a non-woven filter measured an FFE of 74.4%. Easy Masks that have been washed once and worn with the nose bridge and no filter, scored even higher at 79.0%.

For comparison: surgical masks measured 71.5%, procedure masks measured 38.5% (higher with ear loop enhancements), cotton bandanas measured 49.9%, a single-layer woven polyester mask with ties measured 39.3%, and a 3-layer woven cotton mask with ear loops measured 26.5%. The gold-standard N95 measured 98.4%.

Nelson Labs Confirms Easy Masks Improves With Washing

The more you wash Easy Masks, the better they work. This was confirmed by Nelson Labs after we submitted nylon and polyester Easy Masks that had been machine washed and dried 25 times for evaluation. Below is a summary of their study:

"This procedure was performed to evaluate the particle penetration and airflow resistance properties of barrier face coverings as specified in ASTM F3502-21. This method is in compliance with 42 CFR Part 84 and is a modified version of the NIOSH method TEB-APR-STP-0059.

A neutralized, poly-dispersed aerosol of sodium chloride (NaCl) was generated and passed through the test article. The performance of the test article was assessed by measuring the concentration of salt particles penetrating the test article compared to the challenge concentration entering the test article. The filtration performance of each test article were calculated. The airflow resistance was measured using the same method."

The table below shows the test results for two different Easy Masks products: